饮料贸易网络 organizes B2B events and tradeshows globally, 帮助品牌开拓新市场




Every year, BTN organizes tradeshows globally, helping brands to unlock new markets. The BTN trade shows bring together small and medium-sized 进口商, 分销商, 在纽约的零售商和供应商, 旧金山, 伦敦, 在上海学习2天, 买入和卖出, 网络ing and fun — all designed to help participants grow their bottom line. Events hosted and produced by BTN are 美国贸易品 in NYC, 国际散装葡萄酒和烈酒展在旧金山, 伦敦, 和上海, 旧金山的十博体育链接, 旧金山的大麻食品展.

Below are the trade shows and conferences organized by 饮料贸易网络:



United stated Trade Tasting, known is USATT, is an annual event held in 纽约. 通过USATT, BTN汇集了数百家零售商, 侍酒师, 调酒师, 进口商, and 分销商 and provides them with the opportunity to learn, 网络, 并寻找拓展业务的机会. This two-day trade show is a perfect platform to get a boost to your distribution.

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国际散装酒 & 精神展示科幻国际散装葡萄酒及烈酒展览会 offers buyers a greater opportunity to meet producers who offer private label wine, 精神, 散装酒, 散装烈酒及合同制造. IBWSS (旧金山, 伦敦, 上海) will bring the world to you. Over the course of two days leading figures from the global wine industry will share their advice, 的见解, and experiences on how 散装酒 and 精神 can help grow your private label and branded product business. The event will include a combination of conference sessions and workshop-style sessions.

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大麻饮品展标志旧金山的十博体育链接 & Chicago shines a spotlight on the skyrocketing legal cannabis market and provides insight into its future brimming with opportunity. A must-attend event for those curiously eying the future of the burgeoning U.S. 大麻产业, it also covers key issues surrounding the likelihood and timescale for legalization to other countries, as well as the impact of legalized cannabis on the traditional alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks markets.

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大麻食品展标志The first global event dedicated to the fast-growing cannabis edibles market is to be held in Chicago and 旧金山 in the summer of 2020. The exhibition will bring the food and cannabis industries together with the first of a series of dedicated business to business events and a mission to grow the fast-emerging cannabis food category in its own right.

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