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The World’s Leading B2B 饮料 Networking & 媒体平台



Expand your potential customer audience and grow your global presence through BTN's B2B marketplaces: 饮料贸易网络 & 国际大麻网络.



BTN标志饮料贸易网络 (BTN) is a leading B2B networking platform based in USA servicing suppliers, buyers and beverage professionals in the global beverage industry. BTN provides a selection of sourcing solutions for importers and 分销商 as well as an extensive range of marketing and distribution services for international suppliers.

酒, 啤酒, 和烈酒进口商, 分销商, 生产商, and other alcohol beverage companies can leverage this platform to post their brands, 购买的需求, 和分类. 

BTN also offers membership plans through which industry professionals can get access to BTN's premium articles, 在线研讨会, 和其他营销工具.

数字目录 is one more premium feature of BTN. It's a huge collection of 10,000+ industry professionals and merchants' contact details.


BTN helps in presenting your brand to generate leads from importers and 分销商 in your target markets.

BTN assists in promoting your brand on social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, 和Facebook.

BTN provides you with the tools to make your experience easy, through which you can measure your brand's performance and ROI.

BTN also gives you access to 'how-to' articles and 在线研讨会 which you can utilize for your growth.

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国际大麻网标志A world of cannabis w在这里 you learn how to tap into the booming market of cannabis with drinks and edibles.

Get insights on cannabis drinks and edibles market. 像饮料贸易网络, 国际大麻网络 also connects buyers and sellers of cannabis-related alcoholic beverages and edibles.